Pooya Innovators of Engineering Sciences

  • The Exclusive producer of custom plastic parts with the elimination of heavy molding costs in limited and unlimited circulations
  • Manufacturer of boxes and bodies of electronic and medical devices
  • Exclusive  manufacturer of custom plastic parts with temporary molds
  • Provider of manufacturing engineering services

Our Unique Services

Services that we are proud to provide

Production of panel, box and body of electronic and medical devices

One of the unique and unique services of the POOYA Innovators of Engineering Sciences is the specialized production of panels, boxes and body and plastic parts of electronic devices and medical equipment in limited and unlimited production rate according to the needs of the customer with a special design.

Prototyping and 3D printing

Prototyping and 3D printing is another service of the company, which is done by the printers manufactured by 3DPE Company.

Scientific design and engineering manufacturing of permanent plastic injection molds

Molding is a combination of expertise and management. The design of plastic injection molds in accordance with the principles of molding in CATIA and SOLIDWORKS software, the simulation of the injection process in MOLDFLOW software, and the engineering of plastic injection molds are processes that are carried out in our company, under the guidance and direction of a professional team. Project management is done to deliver the ordered product to the customers on time and with excellent quality.

Production of plastic parts with temporary and permanent plastic injection molds

The heavy costs of molding are one of the biggest obstacles to production. By making new and emerging devices in the plastic injection industry, and achieving the technologies of making temporary and malleable molds, this company has made a big leap in the manufacturing industry.

Scientific and engineering consulting

Consulting in order to optimize and reduce molding and production costs

Specialized training in CAD, CAE, CAM software

Teaching of mechanical engineering software, mold making

Research in the field of manufacturing and production

Making temporary and malleable molds for plastic injection

Temporary plastic injection molds are a shortcut for production, without the need for high molding costs. With these molds, there will be no restrictions on the production run and the dimensional accuracy and quality of the production piece is very high.

Design of industrial parts and engineering simulations

Finite element simulation and analysis by MOLDFLOW, ABAQUS, DEFORM software

Repair of plastic injection molds

Plastic injection molds are molds that must be produced for long times in a row. One of the services of this company is the repair of plastic injection molds.

Why US?

Competitive prices

Due to having specialized knowledge, the most optimal way to design, simulate and manufacture industrial products is always evaluated and suggested.

Valid certifications

The company team has valid certificates, national and international patents in the field of engineering sciences.

Powerful tools

Pooya Innovators of Engineering Sciences Company is ready to provide engineering services in the field of manufacturing, production, design and simulation of your products by using the most advanced tools and industrial machines.

More than 12 years of experience

Has high experience in the fields of design, simulation, analysis and manufacturing in various industries

Scientific and industrial consulting

Providing specialized consulting services in the field of evaluation of production processes, mold design, optimization and simulation methods and engineering calculations

Excellent support

After the services are provided by the center, full support is provided in the field of related services.

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